A practical guide for planners and producers

John Thomas, Associate Consultant 
International Extension College

© The Commonwealth of Learning and the International Extension College, 2001
ISBN: 1-895369-92-4


Audio for Distance Education and Open Learning: A Practical Guide for Planners and Producers: Written by John Thomas, who has worked with and produced audio support for education systems over 30 years, this handbook sets out good professional practice in the design, development and delivery of audio materials - radio, audio cassettes and audio-vision - for open and distance learning.

The handbook is intended for all those who are involved in the design, development, production and use of audio materials in distance education and open learning, including policy makers, managers, tutors/facilitators and trainers.

The approach adopted is appropriate to both industrialised and developing countries. However, it has been designed to be particularly relevant to those working in institutions and projects with limited access to resources. The handbook has been jointly published by COL and the International Extension College, U.K.

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Audio for Distance Education and Open Learning


Table of Contents and Introduction (pg. i-viii) 73 Kb 
also includes title page, copyright page and acknowledgements

Chapter 1: The potential of audio  (pg. 1-20) 173 Kb

Chapter 2: Planning and design  (pg. 21-45) 197 Kb

Chapter 3: Development and production  (pg. 46-80) 218 Kb

Chapter 4: Practical skills - talks, interviews and discussions  (pg. 81-107) 148 Kb

Chapter 5: Practical skills - location recording and audio editing  (pg. 108-128) 138 Kb

Chapter 6: Practical skills - documentaries, features and magazines  (pg. 129-150) 192 Kb

Chapter 7: Practical skills - audio drama and music  (pg. 151-175) 148 Kb

Chapter 8: Student use of audio  (pg. 176-194) 128 Kb

Chapter 9: Monitoring and evaluating audio  (pg. 195-220) 143 Kb

Appendix: Sources of further information and advice  (pg. 221-227) 170 Kb

Author biography, John Thomas  (pg. 228) 28 Kb