This course provides health workers with the competencies they need to provide promotive, preventive and curative health services to children. It presents current practices for the integrated management of childhood diseases (IMCI), care of the newborn and HIV/AIDS, and is offered by the African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF).

The course units can be downloaded in MSWindows (DOC) and Open Office Document (ODT) formats below.


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Course content
The course units can be downloaded in MSWindows (DOC) and Open Office Document (ODT) formats below:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to the Course
    (DOC 240KB)
    (ODT 110KB)
  • Unit 2: Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses
    (DOC 513KB)
    (ODT 205KB)
  • Unit 3: Clinical Problem Solving
    (DOC 597KB)
    (ODT 133KB)
  • Unit 4: Common Problems of the Newborn
    (DOC 355KB)
    (ODT 183KB)
  • Unit 5: Growth and Development
    (DOC 7MB)
    (ODT 6.8MB)
  • Unit 6: Health Education, Promotion & Counselling
    (DOC 746KB)
    (ODT 383KB)
  • Unit 7: Nutrition
    (DOC 3MB)
    (ODT 2.5MB)
  • Unit 8: Anaemia
    (DOC 615KB)
    (ODT 340KB)
  • Unit 9: Immunisation
    (DOC 17.7MB)
    (ODT 9.5MB)
  • Unit 10: Malaria
    (DOC 1.5MB)
    (ODT 1.3MB)
  • Unit 11: Diarrhoea
    (DOC 1.7MB)
    (ODT 634KB)
  • Unit 12: Acute Respiratory Infections
    (DOC 1.8MB)
    (ODT 595KB)
  • Unit 13: Common Ear, Nose and Throat Conditions
    (DOC 965KB)
    (ODT 364KB)
  • Unit 14: HIV AIDS
    (DOC 532KB)
    (ODT 160KB)
  • Unit 15: Helminthiasis
    (DOC 1.8MB)
    (ODT 1.5MB)
  • Unit 16: Oral, Eye and Skin Conditions
    (DOC 3.4MB)
    (ODT 1.3MB)
  • Unit 17: Children's Mental Health Problems
    (DOC 562KB)
    (ODT 231KB)
  • Unit 18: Common Injuries and Accidents
    (DOC 384KB)
    (ODT 173KB)
  • Unit 19: Disabilities and Rehabilitation: Part 1
    (DOC 5.8MB)
    (ODT 5.5MB)
  • Unit 20: Disabilities and Rehabilitation: Part 2
    (DOC 5.6MB)
    (ODT 5.5MB)
  • Unit 21: Other Conditions
    (DOC 555KB)
    (ODT 261KB)


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