The Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration and Public Administration (CEMBA/CEMPA) Programme is designed for part-time study by busy working professionals. Established in 2002, the CEMBA/CEMPA Programme is now expanding through partnership with universities in Asia, Africa, the South Pacific and South America. The programme complements existing MBA/MPA programmes in participating countries.


The Commonwealth of Learning offers this programme in partnership with our Commonwealth Partner Universities. Course content can be downloaded after enrolment with a partner university.

Course Content

  • C1 Management Information Systems
  • C2 Management in Organisations
  • C3 Managing Human Resources
  • C4 Operations Management
  • C5 Economic Environment
  • C6 Public Systems Management
  • C7 Quantitative Techniques
  • C8 Marketing Management
  • C9 Accounting and Finance
  • R1 Research Methodology
  • SC1 Public Policy
  • SC2 Development Planning and Administration
  • SC3 Strategic Management
  • SC4 Quality Management
  • E1 Electronic Commerce
  • E2 Project Management
  • E5 Managerial Economics
  • E7 Policy Analysis & Implementation
  • E8 Contemporary Administrative Systems
  • E9 Disaster Management
  • E10 Corporate Finance
  • E13 International Marketing



Enrol in this course

Visit the Admissions page of the websites of our partner institutions to find out how to enrol in this course:

 Partner Institutions

 CEMBA / CEMPA Websites