The Green Teacher course gives teacher-learners an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to effectively transacting education for environment and sustainable development in schools. This course has been developed by the Centre of Excellence in Environmental Education (CEE) in India in partnership and with support from the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) in Vancouver, Canada.


All modules available here [link to: Can we link to a single source for all course content files?]

Course content
Course content is organized into four modules and each has a number of units. The individual units are available for download in PDF format, as follows:

Module 1: Basics of Ecology and Life Support Systems

  • Introduction (PDF 70KB)
  • Unit 1: Earth: The Living Planet (PDF 280KB)
  • Unit 2: Ecology, Populations and Species (PDF 520KB)
  • Unit 3: Communities & Interactions (PDF 2.6MB)
  • Unit 4: Ecosystems and their Structure (PDF 1.7MB)
  • Unit 5: Ecosystems Processes: Nutrient Cycles (PDF 1.5MB)
  • Unit 6: Ecosystems Processes: Energy Flow (PDF 730KB)
  • Unit 7: Evolution, Adaptation and Diversity (PDF 1.7KB)


Module 2: Understanding Sustainable Development

  • Introduction (PDF 245KB)
  • Unit 1: Environment & Development (PDF 2MB)
  • Unit 2: Biodiversity (PDF 1.7MB)
  • Unit 3: Water (PDF 860KB)
  • Unit 4: Agriculture (PDF 1.2MB)
  • Unit 5: Energy (PDF 0.6MB)
  • Unit 6: Industry (PDF 635KB)
  • Unit 7: Urbanization (PDF 0.8MB)


Module 3: Environmental Education in Schools

  • Introduction (PDF 220KB)
  • Unit 1: Environmental Education: What and Why? (PDF 3.7MB)
  • Unit 2: The Teacher as an Environmental Educator (PDF 2.2MB)
  • Unit 3: Greening the Textbooks (PDF 6.6MB)
  • Unit 4: Enriching the Classroom Experience (PDF 5.4MB)
  • Unit 5: Creativity in EE (PDF 4.6MB)
  • Unit 6: Nature as Teacher (PDF 7.9MB)
  • Unit 7: From Awareness to Action (PDF 5.9MB)
  • Unit 8: Thinking Back, Planning Ahead (PDF 4.9MB)


Module 4: Resources and Opportunities for EE

  • Introduction (PDF 230KB)
  • Unit 1: Visits for EE (PDF 11MB)
  • Unit 2: The School and It's Environs (PDF 4MB)
  • Unit 3: Bring the World into your Classroom: Media for EE (PDF 7.9MB)
  • Unit 4: Camping and Excursions (PDF 1.8MB)

Learners' Handbook
Facilitators' Handbook