Developed by Prof. Santosh Panda



Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, Canada and 
National Open School of Trinidad & Tobago,
Ministry of Education, Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
March 2008


Preface (excerpt)

The design and development of this Handbook on In-house Style was conceived, authorised and inspired by Frances Ferreira, Education Specialist, The Commonwealth of Learning to facilitate adaptation of CXC CSEC curriculum in different subject areas at the Ministry of Education, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago for distance teaching-learning, and for development of self-learning course materials initially to facilitate persisters and dropouts of O-level to complete certification successfully, and later to offer as distance learning courses, within the basket of blended learning, for exclusive non-classroom learning and CXC certification.


Handbook Aims (excerpt)

The aims of this Handbook on In-house Style are to provide all those faculty engaged in developing self-learning materials for learners of open schools and distance learners at basic and school education with an understanding of how to develop new curriculum or adapt existing classroom curriculum for open schooling, as well as acquire the knowledge and skills involved in developing self-learning materials for school level distance learners. Examples from the context of open schooling have been provided which you can relate to your own contexts and discipline/subject area for developing and finalising modules and units.



Section 1: About the Handbook
Section 2: Open and Distance Learning
Section 3: Curriculum Design
Section 4: COL Template
Section 5: In-house Style for Course Units


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