The Transnational Qualifications Framework Management Committee (TQFMC) comprising of Mr. Kaylash Allgoo, Dr. Richard Wah, Mr. Michael Bradshaw, Mr. Franz Gertze, Mr. Abdul Hannan Waheed and Dr. Yvonette Marshall held its first meeting in Singapore from 6th to 10th October 2008. The purpose of the meeting was to develop a consultative document for the implementation of the Transnational Qualifications Framework (TQF) for Virtual Universities for Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC). This document explains the concept and suggested procedures and guidelines of the VUSSC TQF that would apply to any of the 32 members of the small states of the Commonwealth that wishes to use VUSSC.


The issues that were discussed and agreed at the meeting related to the following:

1.0 Architecture and structure of TQF

2.0 Implementation strategy and processes

3.0 Forging the way forward

4.0 Funding and staffing

5.0 The evolving nature of the consultative document

6.0 The Role, Responsibilities and Reporting lines

7.0 Conclusion


The fate of this worthwhile initiative is in our hands.
Let’s mould it together and ensure it works.