This course helps health care workers develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to provide comprehensive care to people living with HIV/AIDS and their families.


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Course content

Introduction to the Course

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  • Unit 1: Introduction to HIV/AIDS
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  • Unit 1: Assignment
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  • Unit 2: Clinical Laboratory in Diagnosis & Treatmentof HIV/AIDS
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  • Unit 2: Assignment
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  • Unit 3: Counselling and Psychological Support   in HIV/AIDS
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  • Unit 3: Assignment
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  • Unit 4: HIV Associated Conditions in Adults & Adolescents
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  • Unit 4: Assignment
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  • Unit 5: Antiretroviral Therapy in Adults and Adolescents
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  • Unit 5: Assignment
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  • Unit 6: HIV in Children
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  • Unit 6: Assignment
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  • Unit 7: Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission of HIV
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  • Unit 7: Assignment
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  • Unit 8: Nutrition and HIV
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  • Unit 8: Assignment
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  • Unit 9: Prevention of HIV
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  • Unit 9: Assignment
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  • Unit 10: Setting Up HIV/AIDS Treatment, Care and Support Programmes
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  • Unit 10: Assignment
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  • Unit 11: Home and Community Based Care of PLWHA
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  • Unit 11: Assignment
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  • Unit 12: Palliative & Terminal Care of PLWHAs
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  • Unit 12: Assignment
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  • Unit 13: Commodity Management for HIV/AIDS
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  • Unit 13: Assignment
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