This course offers a basic introduction for people who may not know much about tourists or the way different parts of the tourism business work together in this country. It was developed by the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand (OPNZ) in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL).


Available for download here (2MB)

Course content

  • The Adaptation Guide
  • Modules
    • Module 1: What is a tourist?
    • Module 2: What is tourism?
    • Module 3: Where do tourists go?
    • Module 4: Why do they come to my village?
    • Module 5: Good things from tourists
    • Module 6: Bad things from tourists
    • Module 7: Things I need to know about tourists
    • Module 8: Things I need to take care of for tourists
    • Module 9: Eco tourism
    • Module 10: Keeping the culture alive
    • Module 11: Who is involved in tourism in my area?
    • Module 12: Opportunities for me


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