More About Our Face-To-Face Workshops

Since 2004 representatives of the small states have met in face-to-face workshops to collaborate in the creation of online distance education course materials. Each workshop has developed course materials in a different subject area.

Eight three-week workshops have been held to date, each hosted by one of the small states, as follows:

2006 - Mauritius - Tourism and Entrepreneurship

2007 - Singapore - Professional Development for Education

2007 -Trinidad & Tobago - Life Skills

2007 - Samoa - Disaster Management

2008 - Seychelles - Fisheries

2008 - Bahamas - Construction

2009 - Samoa - Maritime

2010 - Maldives - Agriculture

Before the workshops, four team leaders and a coordinator from the host country are brought to Commonwealth of Learning headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, for four days of orientation on how to best facilitate the workshops.

When workshop participants arrive, they learn in a very practical way. Workshops take place in a computer laboratory and buddy-teaching is the most used manner of learning. Lectures and presentations are kept to a minimum and practical, hands-on experience is maximised. Online technologies are used in the workshop so that participants receive ample practice.

Practical skills learned include the following:

  • searching for available open Educational Resources on the Internet
  • copying, pasting and editing the materials into the COL Instructional Design Template [link]
  • sharing the drafts with other teams (there are usually five teams)
  • re-editing the content

After content is re-edited, the cycle begins again on the next unit. Each small unit is completed, shared and stored until the end of the workshop when they are all merged into one learning module. The module is then edited by an external course developer, who consults with the group online to finalise the material for posting on COL’s website.

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