Tutoring In Open And Distance Learning:  A Handbook For Tutors

Available for download here.

  • Introduction
  • Unit 1: The place of tutoring in open and distance learning
  • Unit 2: Core ODL tutoring skills
  • Unit 3: The sustaining role of tutors
  • Unit 4: Assessment in ODL
  • Unit 5: Planning and facilitating group learning
  • Unit 6: Supporting tutors


Planning And Implementation Open And Distance Learning Systems:  A Handbook For Decision Makers

Available for download here.

  • Introduction
  • Unit 1: The Target Group and Their Needs
  • Unit 2: Strategic ODL Planning
  • Unit 3: Strategic Business Planning in ODL
  • Unit 4: Developing and Acquiring Materials
  • Unit 5: Tutoring and Supporting Students
  • Unit 6: Recruiting and Enrolling Students
  • Unit 7: Assessing Students
  • Unit 8: Managing and Administering the System
  • Unit 9: Evaluation
  • Bibliography


Costing Open And Distance Learning

Available for download here.

  • Activity A01 - Basic Excel Competence Test
  • Activity A02 - Applying the Genetic Template
  • Activity A03 - Classifying Cost Drivers Capital and Operating
  • Activity A04 - Depreciating Capital Costs
  • Activity A05 - Calculating Interest
  • Activity A06 - Comparing Depreciation Annualisation
  • Activity A07 - Producing Annualisation Table
  • Activity A08 - Classifying Cost Drivers Fixed and Variables
  • Activity A09 - Exploring the Total Costs Equation
  • Activity A10 - Exploring the Average Costs Equation
  • Activity A11 - Semivariable costs Group Size and TC
  • Activity A12 - Semivariable costs Group Size and AC
  • Activity A13 - Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness Ratios
  • Activity A14 - Cost per Student and Cost per Graduate
  • Activity A15 - Scale and Scope I
  • Activity A16 - Scale and Scope II
  • Activity A17 - Costs of Innovation
  • Activity A18 - Costing print-based courses
  • Activity A19 - Radio (plus Prints)
  • Activity A20 - Radio and Audio Cassettes
  • Activity A21 - Television
  • Activity A22 - Videocassettes
  • Activity A23 - Computer applications
  • Activity A24 - Virtual Seminar
  • Activity A25 - Videoconferencing


Creating Learning Materials For Open And Distance Learning:  A Handbook For Authors And Instructional Designers

Available in the following:

Full Handbook in Acrobat/PDF Version (6MB, warning if on slow connection)
Full Handbook in Acrobat/PDF Version (3MB, smaller with poor image quality)

  • Introduction
  • Section 1: What is Instructional Design and What are ODL Materials?
  • Section 2: Adapt or Create?
  • Section 3: Planning an ODL Course
  • Section 4: Planning and Writing a Unit of Learning
  • Section 5: Writing for the Web
  • Section 6: Planning Assessment
  • Section 7: Study Guides
  • Section 8: Language, Writing Style and Layout
  • Section 9: Drafting and Testing
  • Section 10: Quality Assurance Systems
  • References


Instructional Design Template

(published in 2006)

COL has developed a template for instructional design that helps content developers to convert their subject matter expertise into learning materials. It helps authors incorporate ODL instructional design techniques into their learning texts. Created in just over a year and tested in many countries and institutions with feedback from many instructional designers, this template is truly a collaborative effort. COL hopes that anyone who may feel discouraged from developing ODL learning materials will now feel empowered to begin to do so.

ODL Document Template (MSWord DOT format)
(To download template: Right Click / Save Target As)

User Guide (PDF)
Quick Reference Sheet (PDF)