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We need your help to build capacity in small island states.

Why Support VUSSC?

Donations from our visitors are an important part of our long-term funding strategy, and your gift of whatever amount you can afford not only sustains the Virtual University of Small States of the Commonwealth but also makes a powerful statement supporting knowledge as a public good.

The Cost of Free

The Commonwealth of Learning pays for half of the costs directly and the rest is funded by grants, corporate underwriters, and donations from our supporters. Visitors to our website provide additional funding through gifts that average $50. Our goal over the next several years is to increase donations from individuals to $500,000 annually. While this is a modest piece of the overall budget, it is a crucial one, as it demonstrates to our sponsors and grantors the value our visitors place in access to VUSSC’s course materials.

What would it take to raise $500,000? We know that the vast majority of visitors to our site cannot afford to donate, and our core mission is to provide access to exactly these audiences–educators in developing countries, administrators of learning institutions around the world, self learners unable to continue formal study. But if you are able to donate, your support at any level can make a tremendous impact.

How You Can Help

If you are among the small percentage who can afford to support us, if open learning and capacity building in small island states make a difference in your life and you support our mission to improve the lives of millions of others around the world, please give generously and help us show that OCW is here to stay as a free and open resource for all.